August 21, 2017


I styled a party for a client over the weekend who wanted black and white stripes. I was pretty much heart eyes over the idea from the minute I heard it!

She was celebrating her 30th birthday after just having a baby (you guys, this girl is a rockstar!) and just wanted everything to look great and be taken care of. I aim to please in this little love-filled business of mine, so I took the lead and ran with it.

June 5, 2017


I've introduced paper goods into my business! It's something small and fun to add in between my party styling and e-design clients.

I opened up an etsy shop to mainstream how I sell things. Especially since I went digital with the home design side of my business. Paper goods along with my e-design boards can be purchased there!

May 15, 2017


What's better than brunch and your best gals? Celebrating a new babe with brunch and your gal pals, of course! 

This brunch baby shower was perfect and full of sweet details. 

May 12, 2017


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

With our new floors being almost completed, I'm thinking about fresh designs for my kids room. Neither of them have "completed" bedrooms. Though, as a designer, I don't think any room is ever done but both of their rooms definitely need work and I have lots of ideas and dreams for them. 

May 9, 2017


This design plan stumped me! I wanted to bring change and a fresh style to my client's space because she asked me for one, but I also wanted to respect her tastes. She had things to work with/around - like a red kitchen wall and a giant turquoise/aqua area rug in her living room.

We did two design plans. Her living areas and kitchen are pulled together in one, while her office/playroom area off of the kitchen has it's own design.

I totally believe in working with what you'e got. You never know how you can turn a look around by adding in and working around pieces rather than starting over from scratch. Besides, who can afford to start over from scratch every time they need a new look?

May 1, 2017


I finished up a really fun design a few weeks ago before I closed up shop and headed away for a little vacation.

My client needed a facelift for their upstairs playroom. The location made it hard to fit a sofa in there and the toys had taken over. The room had great lighting and good bones otherwise which really made my work fun!

April 27, 2017


I finished painting our kitchen chairs right before we left for vacation and now I want to paint everything! Okay, not everything, but our kitchen table is up next.

I couldn't find the perfect emerald green in a spray paint like I originally wanted, but I am loving the fresh, bright pop this blue brings the room.

If you're interested in painting your own chairs, it was pretty easy!