I like to tell my clients this. I am not an interior designer. Interior design is not what I'm selling.

Before you all go "wait...isn't this a design business blog?" Let me explain!

It is! You're in the right place. This IS a design business blog. I do run and own a licensed design business. But, in my mind and in what I do, interior design and my design business are two different things.

To me, interior design is the whole she-bang. It's the entire farmhouse kitchen sink and the subway tile that goes with it. It's the blueprints and knowing contractors and working on giant projects from the biggest detail to the tiniest detail.

But it's not what I do. I create design boards. I pull together styles. I have an eye for the littlest details and the biggest details, but I put it all in a different package than an interior designer.

I know that not everyone can afford a designer but sometimes we all need a little help and push in the right direction. That's why I am here. The Gray Casa fits in this small, amazing niche where I can help design spaces in your home on a realistic and affordable level.

I create spaces to be loved and lived in. I take your existing home and what you have to work with and create something you can say inspires you and makes you happy to live in that space.

I am a home stylist. I can't build the space of your dreams, but I can help mold and create it. In fact, I would love to help mold and create it.