Last year I had a mishap where I totally thought our indoor/outdoor preserved boxwood wreath would live happily on our front porch. It turned brown and gross a few months later! That, of course, left our front door and myself pretty sad.

I decided to hunt down a fake wreath that would live a long, happy life on our door without looking fake or cheaply made. I was willing to invest a little extra in this piece considering I didn't want to replace it AGAIN a few months later.

I found the perfect one at Michaels in January and it's holding up well!  It's a faux boxwood wreath but it looks pretty close to the preserved ones and cost much less.

But, I wasn't happy with the hanging situation. The typical wreath hanger was bothering me and I wanted something more than just a command hook (also, I was fresh out!).

Instead, I found my favorite black & white ribbon and asked my husband to help me out. And now, I've got a gorgeous wreath hung in a way that reflects our style and brings some curb appeal to the porch!

It's pretty simple.

You'll need ribbon, a nail, a hammer, and most likely a ladder or step stool.

Measure the length of ribbon to correspond with how low you want your wreath to hang. I ran out so I just used what I had.

Prep your wreath by getting your ribbon strung on it and then pull the ends together. You're going to nail these to the top of your door frame.

You're done!

It's an easy and quick way to hang wreaths!