brunch & babes

May 15, 2017

What's better than brunch and your best gals? Celebrating a new babe with brunch and your gal pals, of course! 

This brunch baby shower was perfect and full of sweet details. 

I picked up cupcakes from a local friend and pulled the floral look together with rustic cake stands stacked together and blooms from the store that I hand-cut and layered in around the cupcakes. 

I mixed together savory and sweet flavors - homemade mini cinnamon rolls and homemade mini sausage & green onion quiche paired well with bakery favorites like muffins and croissants along with fresh fruit and a cheese board. 

Encouraging words of advice and pre-addressed thank you notes awaited the mama-to-be in hopes to make the coming days a little less stressful on her.

Fresh flowers and yummy foods just can't be topped. I think brunch-themed parties may be a favorite!