a pop of turquoise

May 9, 2017

This design plan stumped me! I wanted to bring change and a fresh style to my client's space because she asked me for one, but I also wanted to respect her tastes. She had things to work with/around - like a red kitchen wall and a giant turquoise/aqua area rug in her living room.

We did two design plans. Her living areas and kitchen are pulled together in one, while her office/playroom area off of the kitchen has it's own design.

I totally believe in working with what you'e got. You never know how you can turn a look around by adding in and working around pieces rather than starting over from scratch. Besides, who can afford to start over from scratch every time they need a new look?

So, we did. I embraced the red wall and suggested she paint it even further. I'm a fan for a bright and bold accent wall. I incorporated lots of aqua colors amongst both design plans to help tie in the large floor rug that needed to stay and then I threw in a ton of neutrals to pull it all together.

Living in the south, naturals always work. We have sea glass, hand carved wooden frames, driftwood, and other "natural" items that play a role in so much design down here. It's so easy to follow suit and toss some in to design plans that need a little balance. Natural items play so well with almost any style!

The design really centers around their family and using the space they have in a smarter way. Once I got past my brain stump, I could totally see what needed to go on her board.

The design always comes together!