a black & white party

August 21, 2017

I styled a party for a client over the weekend who wanted black and white stripes. I was pretty much heart eyes over the idea from the minute I heard it!

She was celebrating her 30th birthday after just having a baby (you guys, this girl is a rockstar!) and just wanted everything to look great and be taken care of. I aim to please in this little love-filled business of mine, so I took the lead and ran with it.

Add in a great local dispensary/restaurant as the party space, and we had the makings for a fun little bash.

I went with big balloons to make a big pop! And, I simply added in some pom pom trim and paper fringe to dress them up a bit.

 Her only other request was a photobooth! I went with a wrapping paper background to keep from going too crazy with the restaurant's walls and styled up a little stool of mine to hold the props.

The party was a success and now that I've wrapped up this one, I'm on to the next.

Happy party-ing, xo!