an art-inspired birthday party

December 19, 2017

My daughter is turning 8 next week (which kind of blows my mind!) and she's been wanting a sleepover since she turned 4. Yep. Four. It only took her another 4 years to get me on board with her plan! 

I decided to turn it into an art party/sleepover to give the girls a little structure through the evening since this party started a few hours after a full day of Saturday school (such wonderful weather we've had in South Carolina during hurricane season...). 

I wanted to approach the whole art theme in a different way. Basically, I wanted to avoid the rainbow look and embrace a lighter color scheme that really fits my girl's personality. 

So, I chose pink, minty/aqua, and silver and had fun playing with a variety of shades in those color families.

And, as usual, balloons had my heart. I have a really hard time throwing parties that don't involve balloons.

A little designer tip : When you keep parties on the smaller side, you can splurge on the tiny details. Glass milk bottles + stripy straws look adorable! We filled ours with pink lemonade. And, I always think that smaller, more intimate parties flow a little better. Less stress, less chaos, less clashing personalities. Especially when it comes to sleepovers. For us, 5 girls (including the birthday gal) was the perfect number!

Everyone got their own easel + canvas with a palette of color to paint whatever they wanted! I also had my cake gal send over some plain white cupcakes and I used extra paint palettes to let the girls decorate them with all kinds of sprinkles. That was a really big hit all around!

This DIY chalkboard is an absolute favorite party piece! My sweet husband built it for me and it works for everything from weddings to sleepovers. I use a Pinterest trick to create a stencil of sorts and get the perfect letters every time.

I'm an anti-gift bag kind of gal when it comes to party favors. Tiny things + junk toys kind of send me up a wall. I get that they are cheap and easy but there are so many other options out there, my friends!

These art kit bags were another Pinterest win and were a huge hit with the girls. They loved them so much that they insisted on using them right away. Each bag had some glitter glue, a wooden cut-out, pom-poms, a mini paint palette, and a swirly lollipop. 

I used tiny alphabet stamps to personalize the muslin bags for the girls.

We kept the food simple and ordered a giant party pizza from a local favorite pizza shop and served it up with fruit and pink goldfish (to keep with the color scheme!). I also made "paintbrush" rice krispie treats and mixed my own colors from a basic food coloring pack to get the perfect shades. 

This was such a fun party to plan and throw. I absolutely loved it!