a floating shelf wall

I can't believe I haven't shared this project yet! My husband was sharing photos of this wall with a co-worker recently and he realized that there weren't any photos of it on any of my social media pages so I figured it was time that I fix that!

We've been in our house for 5 years or so and this wall has bothered me every single day. It was so large and bare and it didn't seem to matter what piece of furniture that I put there, I couldn't make it work. Not long after we moved in, my father in law built a dog house into the wall under the stairs. I love the dog house! But, then it just left me with a smaller (and uneven!) chunk of wall to deal with.

Until one day, I just decided shelves were the answer. Floating shelves so I didn't have to worry about spacing between the legs/frames of the shelves and shelves make it super easy to change up decor and add in seasonal pieces. So, we planned a trip to IKEA and picked up the longest, white, floating shelves they sold.

 I really wanted to keep the wall bright and airy since it's across from a floor to ceiling gallery that's in our hallway (that gets kind of dark) that has mixed color frames.

I've styled the shelves different ways over the months that we've had them and I've finally settled on something that I really like. Of course, nothing is every really done in our house but the great thing about styling shelves is that you can mix and match pieces easily throughout time. Because, we all know Target gets us every.single.time! I am a sucker for a good clearance find at Target.

 See the ice up there? I am forever forgetting to water plants. But I really love plants. I love having something green and alive (besides my two wild + crazy kiddos) in the house. And, I'm also really into anything that's helping the quality of our air. So, I toss ice cubes in my plants and call it a win!

 My favorite pieces to decorate the shelves in our house with our books, fun prints from Etsy, and ampersands. Books are so great to decorate with! Especially when you find really great bookends from Target and put them on your Christmas list. 😉