It's Teacher Appreciation Week! We absolutely love the school that our daughter is in. The staff and the teachers are all really wonderful and supportive. It's just a great place that we love being able to send our daughter to. So, when it comes to showing them how much we love them? I am all for it!

Our school actually sends out a calendar for the week with a different thing to do every day to show appreciation so we usually follow that and then maybe add in a little extra something here or there. It's just really fun to show the teachers how great we think they are! Don't they totally deserve it?

I'll be honest though - this week snuck up on me. We totally missed out on Monday's "bring a note" day and I felt terrible. So, I made up a printable for our girl to send to her teacher today with flowers. It's just a cute + simple "thank you" note. And, of course, she decided that she needed to add an extra note on the bottom too!

And since sharing is caring, click the link below to download the note for yourself! Print it, sign it, and share it with all the teachers that you love!

teacher "bright" thank you note

Enjoy! I'd love to see how you use yours! ❤