a makeover & a design flop

Over spring break I gave Lia's room a makeover! I grew to love the light pink walls more than I imagined but they really needed a fresh coat of paint so I decided to change it up and pick out a new color.

On a whim, I chose flamingo feather by Behr. I thought it would be a great color for the space. So, we painted the walls and added in a few new things like a couple small gallery walls with a fun mix of prints from my shop and etsy, a fun gold unicorn lamp, and new sheets! I also framed some gray fabric I found at Hobby Lobby and added those in with the gallery walls.

Then I realized I had an unsettling feeling about the room and I couldn't stop tweaking thing and it hit me that I HATE. THE. PAINT. I mean, I really don't like the color in that space, you guys. I've seen the color here and here and it works great. But, it's not the right choice for this space. It's just not working. The room size and the lighting aren't vibing with this island-y peachy color.

I know when the design in my head doesn't match up with the design in person that I can't quit thinking about it. I'll spend days trying to figure out what I can add or change to make the design work and in this case, I have to just repaint!

It sounds crazy to repaint a room we literally just painted. Totally crazy! I know. But I also feel like letting one bad design choice stop me from totally loving the space is also kind of crazy. So, I picked another color on a whim (I'm the worst at buying samples + testing the choices) but this one is another light pink and I'm feeling really good about it. I know that light pink works in that space.

Once the room is repainted sometime in the next couple of weeks, I'll share the second addition of this room makeover! I'm going to rearrange the room again and try to capture the vision I've got in my head.

Have you ever painted a room and hated it? Or had your own design flop? I'm all for fixing these mistakes even if it seems crazy to change something you just did. Repaint it, friends. Switch the artwork. Do you and your space and style will make you happy!