a bright playroom

March 12, 2019

This playroom design was really fun to pull together! The major players in this design were the modern/Scandinavian/farmhouse style that the client wanted to keep throughout the house, good toy storage, and a design that's really going to work for them especially as their child grows. 

Baskets + bins will forever be my best friend when it comes to toy storage. It's just so easy for kids to pick up after themselves when they have a dedicated space to put their toys. And baskets with lids to hide the mess = a slice of sanity for parents! 

I pulled artwork + gallery wall inspiration from some of my favorite places, mostly a couple shops on Etsy. My client already had the animal heads from Target so I incorporated those into the design too.

The rest of the room just needed some pretty + styled touches - a well placed-rug, fun throw pillows, a reading nook that can turn into a desk nook later on, and some ottomans that will work double duty as a extra seating and a place to prop up their feet!