our master bedroom

This is our master bedroom! The past few years I've been a little obsessed with using green in design - our master bedroom first, then our guest room, and a few fun touches in some client work I've done. The main inspiration for our bedroom came from this pin. The moment I saw those green walls, I knew it was our color. 

There's a few things that still need to be tackled - a cozy rug, painting the bench, the curtains or no curtains question....but, in our house (and most spaces), no room or design is every really finished! 

Dressers, Ikea
Nightstands, Ikea
Lamps, Target
Wood floor mirror, Target
Plant, Home Depot
Plant stand, World Market
Bench, Marshalls
Chairs, Ikea
Copper pillow, World Market
Gray pillows, World Market
Black & white pillow, Ikea
Bedframe, Wayfair
Black & white art, Etsy