an organized entryway

This design job was actually a personal one. Welcome to our home!

Our home wasn't build with a mudroom and the layout doesn't really lend a good space to add one on either. But, something needed to be done! So, I came up with this functional style.

Everyone gets a basket (or 2!) for shoes and there's a couple extra baskets for things like my daughter's ballet stuff, my son's soccer gear and seasonal items like sunscreen, hats, etc.

I keep the decor simple so that it's pretty enough that we don't clutter the open space but not so much that I'm just dusting items that we literally never use. There's a basket for keys or small random things we may need on our way out the door.

The rugs really completed things and pulled it all together. The pattern is bold but too dizzying as a whole against our wood floors. 

This design has worked for us so great the past few months. Ignoring the dead grass on the floor (because, life & kids)'s clean, simple, and opens up the space. 

Good design is truly what you love and what makes your home work for you. And this little makeover has brought some magic back into our entryway!