Hi! I am so happy that you found this space of mine. Welcome! And, thank you! Whether you're sending me design work, letting me style a party for you, liking my Instagram posts, or even just reading this "about me" section. I'm so thankful for all the "likes" and support along the way.

I'm Kristy, the designer brains behind this little love and design filled business. I live in a small, charming town on the east coast of South Carolina with my husband, our two wild littles, and our stinky dachshund.

I love fresh flowers, black and white stripes, and creating spaces that evoke inspiration and bring out the soul and character of that space.

The Gray Casa started when I decided to put my love of design to work. After all the positive and kind words of encouragement I was getting from friends and family, I couldn't not take the leap. The Gray Casa is named after our home. We dubbed it "the gray house" during it's construction and the name stuck. This is our first permanent home as a family and we are always doing something to freshen it up and make it ours.

I strongly believe that a home has a soul. Home is the place where we should feel a spark of magic when we cross the threshold.

So, I create digital interior design boards that pull together curated spaces for any room/space you need help with! You can also find digital wall prints in my etsy shop here.

I'm here to help you find the magic in your space! xo